About Us

Academy Casting is the brainchild of three highly ambitious performing arts professionals who have all worked with, and been inspired by, young people in the North West with incredible talent, passion and drive. We wanted to provide these children, and others, with creative opportunities across all different media platforms to reward and encourage further artistic development. 

Academy Casting is the sister company of The Academy for Performing Arts (TAFPA) in Cheshire. All of our students benefit from professional performing arts training delivered by a dedicated, highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty.


One important aspect of our operations that we feel is incredibly significant, and really quite unique, is our monthly casting workshops. Once every month our artists come together to learn important skills, taught by industry professionals, specifically to prepare them for castings, auditions and opportunities, to advance their technique further and build their confidence, allowing them to tackle any role in any situation. 

What's Different about

Academy Casting?

  • As we know and train each and every one of our artists we can guarantee the right performer for the role who will always be highly skilled, confident and conscientious

  • Academy Casting is dedicated to not only promoting young talented individuals but to supporting, nurturing and training them as an integral part of their membership with the agency. 

  • A lot of agencies who are highly profit focused accept artists indiscriminately onto their books and then select individuals for jobs based purely on their profile on the agency’s database. We meet once a month for a casting workshop that teaches skills, encourages development and introduces industry standard professionals who can impart their wisdom and advice to our students. 

  • All of our artists love to perform! We are therefore always happy to discuss lower budgets and shorter time frames.

  • All of our artists are Cheshire/North West based and happy to travel for any shoots (Cheshire councils are also very quick to license...usually less than 5 days! We are always happy to take over applications for this too)

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